Subhas Chandra Das Mushib v. Ganga Prasad Das Mushib, AIR 1967 SC 878

Introduction Plaintiff alleged that his father’s will deed, which conveyed the whole estate to defendant, plaintiff’s nephew, was influenced by undue influence on the donor. The deed, on the other hand, specifies that the property was given out of natural love and affection between the donor and the defendant. The main issue in this caseContinue reading “Subhas Chandra Das Mushib v. Ganga Prasad Das Mushib, AIR 1967 SC 878”

Abhilasha v. Parkash [2020 SCC Online SC 736]

Table Of Content INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND The law of maintenance has its own importance. According to general and social concept of maintenance, it is the duty of man to maintain his entire family. In legal sense maintenance is the amount which is paid by a man to his dependent wife, children or parents to maintainContinue reading “Abhilasha v. Parkash [2020 SCC Online SC 736]”

Sansar Chand v State of Rajasthan, 2010 (10) SCC 604

Introduction India is well known for its diverse flora and fauna. But over the decades, due to illegal trade, hunting, poaching and export of the animals led to rapid decline of India’s wild animals and bird and some of them are extinct, which is cause of main concern. In order to maintain the ecological balanceContinue reading “Sansar Chand v State of Rajasthan, 2010 (10) SCC 604”


Facts: According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama was born on the Sarayu river banks, which in present-day is a place identified in Uttar Pradesh. According to Hindu beliefs, a temple stood at the birthplace of Lord Rama, which was demolished in 1528 by Mughal emperor Babur who then constructed the Babri Masjid there. Again inContinue reading “AYODHYA BABRI MASJID DISPUTE”

Harvey vs. Facey (1893) AC 552

Introduction Harvey vs. Facey case is one of the important case law in contract law as it defines the difference between an invitation to offer and offer. In this case it is shown that the quotation of the price was held not to be an offer. Its importance is that it defined the difference between an offerContinue reading “Harvey vs. Facey (1893) AC 552”

Gloucester Grammar School’s Case (1410) YB 11 Hen IV, fo. pl. 201, 23

Introduction ‘DAMNUM SINE INJURIA’ a legal maxim which means damage without injury. The concept is dealt under Law of Torts. Torts provides damages to the people who have suffered legal injury, the cardinal point is that people have suffered legal injury. There are 3 conditions to claim that someone would be liable under tort law:Continue reading “Gloucester Grammar School’s Case (1410) YB 11 Hen IV, fo. pl. 201, 23”


FACTS  The sexual harassment charges were frame against the former CJI Ranjan Gogoi, in late April 2019. COMMITTEE By taking Suo moto cognizance of the matter, On the next day, on 20th April 2019 looking like the matter to be of great public importance, a special three-judge bench was set up by the Supreme Court comprise ofContinue reading “CJI SEXUAL HARRASSMENT CASE”


FACTS–  The case derives its roots from a case of 2018- Public Interest Foundation v. UOI wherein the Supreme Court, in September, directed the candidates interested in polling first to declare their criminal antecedents if any to the Election Commission and publicise this particular details on Social Media and Print Media at least thrice to make the peopleContinue reading “RAMBABU SINGH THAKUR v. SUNIL ARORA & Others”


FACTS Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug was working as a nurse in Mumbai in the King Edwards Memorial Hospital. On November 27, 1973, while she was changing her clothes in the hospital, she was assaulted by a sweeper named Sohanlal Bharatha Walmiki, who was also working in the same hospital. She was strangulated with a dog chainContinue reading “ARUNA RAMACHANDRA SHANBAUG VS UNION OF INDIA WRIT PETITION (CRIMINAL) NO. 115 OF 2009”