Call for Applications for Core and Production Team at The Blockchain Project: Apply by June 22


The Blockchain project is calling for applications from law students to contribute to the initiative as a part of the core and production teams.

About the Blockchain Project

The Blockchain Project is a newly formed initiative solely dedicated to the facilitation of research and projects at the intersection of law and blockchain.

In cognizance of the shifting legal landscape with more dependence than ever on emerging technologies such as blockchain, it is our fervent belief that lawyers and the broader legal fraternity must be prepared for these changes to revolutionize the legal world and life as we know it.


The Project would be the first of its kind on the continent, joining erstwhile universities such as Stanford University in recognizing the need for a niche area of scholarship solely dedicated to the intersection of law and blockchain.

In doing so, we aim to foster a culture of research, innovation, and thorough knowledge of blockchain law and policy amongst law students from a myriad of universities in India, and possibly expand to an international presence in the coming years.

About the Call for Applications

Presently, being in its nascent stages, the Blockchain Project is calling for applications for the Core, as well as the Production Team of the Project.



The Core Team position is only open to law students in their third, fourth and fifth year of the 5-year law program and the second and third year of the LLB 3-year program.

While third-year law students of the 5-year program are certainly encouraged to apply, we strongly prefer applicants in their fourth and fifth-year. 

About the Core Team

The Core Team will be responsible for aiding in the conceptualization of the project into a thriving movement that ensures our aims and goals are met – this will involve actively participating in inductions, the selection process of teams, working on projects, as well as contributing to the overall success of The Blockchain Project.


Furthermore, as the Project aims to launch a journal, the Core Team will have the unique opportunity to work on helping foster the first such academic journal in the subcontinent dedicated to blockchain law and policy. The Project will be broadly divided into three teams: the Projects Team, the Events Team, as well as the Editorial Board for the journal.

The Core Team members, however, will have flexible roles and aid in ensuring that the Project is able to meet its ambitious mandate, allowing them to work across all three teams if required and help in the development of the Project’s Advisory Board, and networking with renowned scholars and practitioners.


About the Production Team  

The Production Team will be tasked with web design for the Project’s website, as well as logo designing. Furthermore, they will be required to create content for and manage the Project’s social media handles, across LinkedIn and Instagram.

The only criterion for selection is prior experience in web and graphic design – the applicant’s year of study will not be given weightage. Late submissions will not be considered. 

Please note this is not an opportunity affiliated in any manner with any particular law school, and that we are an independent initiative. We look forward immensely to reading your applications! 


How to Submit? 

  • For Core Team: If interested, please send a 2-page CV, a writing sample ideally between 3000 – 5000 words, and a statement of interest between 500 – 800 words to by 11:59 PM on June 22, 2022. Late submissions will not be considered. 
  • For Production Team: To apply, submit a 2-page CV, links, and evidence to prior web design or graphic design projects, and a 500-word statement of interest to by 11:59 PM on June 22, 2022.

Application Deadline

June 22, 2022



Virtual, no specific location

Contact Information

In case of queries, write to Aakriti Anurag Tewari at or at +91 9717911479

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