Legal Internship Opportunity at ALG India Law Offices, Delhi [Remote/In-Person]: Apply Now!


ALG India Law Office LLP, Delhi is inviting submissions from law students for a general IP and patent intern position. The internship can be remote or in-person depending upon the intern’s choice.

About ALG Law Offices LLP

Founded in the year 2000, the firm’s law practice in India is recognized for its eminent quality and enviable innovativeness by major awards, notable industry rankings and listings internationally as well as in India.

Responsibilities of the Legal Intern

During the Internship, Interns can expect to receive and undertake generally two types of work assignments and tasks:

  • Legal Practical Work: This is to provide practical and hands-on experience and exposure to the practice of law through the allotment of actual file work. This typically includes the task of legal drafting and legal representations, followed-up by review and discussion with the Mentor or other members of the firm. The tasks may vary depending on the Type and Category of the Internship. 
  • Legal Scholarship Work: This is to assess the legal analysis and drafting skills of the Intern. Interns are required to submit at least one 400 word legal scholarship piece on the basis of independent legal research, conforming with detailed guidelines that will be provided. Interns may voluntarily submit more pieces, which are optional but encouraged for enabling better assessment of the internship. If any of these written pieces are found suitable for the purpose, they are posted on the firm’s website, LinkedIn and other platforms crediting authorship by name as an Intern or Former Intern, as may be. Confirmed Interns are advised that before they commence their internship, they read some such recently posted pieces of other Interns, for guidance.

Duration of the Internship

Internships at ALG are organized on the basis of calendar months, i.e. all internships of a month begin on the first working day of the month and conclude on the last working day of the month.

It is not possible to select a different duration or starting date for the internship. You will be required to provide your preferred month of internship (out of the available months) in your application form.



Internship at ALG may be sought by students who are currently enrolled in a full-time law degree program (accredited by the Bar Council of India) and expect, upon completion of the law degree program, to acquire eligibility to enrol with the Bar Council of a state in India to practice as an advocate.

Types of Internship

  • Pre-Final Year Internship
  • Final Year (Follow-On) Internship
  •  Final Year (Regular) Internship

Categories of Internship

  •  Patents: The scope of the Patents Internship subsumes the practice areas of not only patents but also designs, plant varieties, technology and telecom. Eligibility to apply for Patents Internship is restricted to students having at least a graduation degree in science.
  • General IP: The scope of the General IP Internship covers all other practice areas of core IP as well as IP+ including environment and consumer protection.


There are no location requirements for any ALG Intern. The internship can be attended either virtually, or in person at the firm’s New Delhi office.



An internship certificate will be granted to the students at the end of the internship month.

How to apply?

The link will be provided at the end of this post.

Click here to Apply for the Legal Internship position at ALG India LLP.

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