Internship Opportunity at ILDR (Ministry of Law and Justice): Apply Now


About Department

The legislative department under the Ministry of Law and Justice is mainly concerned with the drafting of all principle legislations for the Central Government viz, bills to be introduced in Parliament, Ordinance to be promulgated by the President’s, measures to be enacted as President’s acts for states and the President’s rule and regulations to be made by the President for Union Territories.

It is also concerned with elections law namely the representation of the People act 1950 and the representation of the People act 1951. In addition, it is also entrusted with the task of dealing with certain matters relating to list three of the seventh schedule to the Constitution like personal law, contract evidence, etc. The responsibility of maintaining up to date the statues enacted by Parliament also with this department.


About Internship

The internship is a voluntary internship for Law Students from recognised law college within the country. The target of the internship scheme is to motivate students in creating interest in legislative drafting as a profession. This internship scheme would enhance the scholarws drafting skills and secure knowledge about the working of the legislative department.


  • Any responsibility associated with the study, research or other work in connection with the working of the department.
  • The work done by the interns shall be evaluated by the department.
  • They may work under the supervision of any officer to be decided by the department.
  • Any material prepared by the intern shall be the property of the department.
  • Intern may be required to present a report at the time of completion of their internship.
  • Internship will be allowed to use the library of the Ministry of Law and Justice just for reference purposes.


  • Fourth and fifth year students from five year integrated law course.
  • Final year students from a three-year law course, from a recognised law college in the country.
  • Preference shall be given to the students who have opted for law legislative drafting as a subject in the course of study.


4-6 weeks


Number of Selected Interns

5 at a time

How to Apply

  • Interested students shall apply by filling out the application form annexed with the official notification.
  • Every application shall be in the form annexed and shall be recommended by the Dean or HOD of the institution where the student is studying.

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