Internship Opportunity At Satya-Pro Bono Law: Apply Now!


About Satya-Pro Bono Law

‘Satya-Pro Bono Law’ is the culmination of its founder, Alina Arora’s vision to establish an institution of excellence in the practice of pro bono law.

Satya- Pro Bono Law seeks to bridge the existing divide between justice and the marginalized groups of society by building a team of highly skilled pro bono lawyers who have solemnly resolved to secure JUSTICE and EQUALITY for all. We believe that justice delayed is justice denied. Satya will strive to bring about a holistic change to the legal system through capacity building, awareness, and research; and above all, to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to anyone by reason of economic or other disabilities.

Satya – Pro Bono Law is situated in Delhi NCR Region.


About the Opportunity

Satya – Pro bono law is inviting applications from students for its internship program.


Third, fourth, five years of the five-year integrated law program, or the second and third year of the three-year law course.


This is an unpaid Internship Opportunity at Satya-Pro Bono Law.



The duration of the Internship Opportunity at Satya-Pro Bono Law shall be for a minimum of four weeks, which can be extended if necessary.

Application Procedure

To apply for an internship, send an email to with the subject ‘Application for internship – (Your Name)’. Please respond to the following two questions in a word document and include a brief resume.

  • Can an accused seek directions for further investigation from a magistrate after cognizance has been taken? (We are just looking for the argument based on case law. You could also include rebuttals to possible arguments from the other side. You have a cap of 150 words to reply with)
  • Why do you want to intern with Satya? (You have two sentences to reply with)

Important Instructions

  • Both these questions have to be responded to within a single word document. Exceeding the word or sentence limit will disqualify the application for an internship.
  • Please only provide your name and Email Id. Please do not provide any other detail including your college or current year of college.

We shall get back to you once we are done assessing your application. Discussions on the period of internship will take place subsequently.

Official Website

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