Internship Opportunity At CJLS: Apply Now


About Centre for Justice, Law and Society (CJLS)

The Centre for Justice, Law, and Society (CJLS) is a multidisciplinary research centre at the Jindal Global Law School that critically engages with contemporary issues at the intersection of law, justice, society and marginalization in South Asia. CJLS is a collaborative endeavour of a group of scholars, activists and students who are engaged in high quality empirical and theoretical research.

CJLS foregrounds the question of justice, especially intersectional justice, in law and society studies, to respond to the changing relationship between law and society in South Asia today. CJLS works on issues of judicial diversity, critical pedagogy, critical legal theory, gender, sexuality, constitutional law, public health law, caste and indigeneity, and social movements and the law.


About the Opportunity

CJLS are open to internship applications for the months of April to December (2022)


This is an online [Internship, considering the COVID-19 situation]


We currently offer two kinds of the Internship Opportunity at CJLS:

  • Full-Time Research Internship: Requires the Applicant to commit 40 hours from Monday to Friday/month.
  • Part-time Research Assistantship Involves a work commitment of 20 hours per week. Minimum commitment of two months ‘Students who are engaged with online classes will need to opt for the Part-time asslstantshíp

Application Procedure

Applications for the Internship Opportunity at CJLS will be processed on a rolling basis.


We encourage applications from state law schools and Students from Adivasi Dalit, Bahujan, Muslim and other marginalised communities, persons with disabilities and queer, trans, non-binary and other gender-variant persons.

To apply, write to with three copies marked to and


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