One month certificate course on Mergers and Acquisitions: Apply Now!!!


About the Organizer

NMIMS School of Law offers an outstanding legal education to inculcate a wide range of legal skills useful for the legal profession including the corporate level. Established in 2018 by NMIMS University, one of the premiers Deemed to be Universities in India, the programs offering in our law school has all qualities and niceties of the programs offering by the world-class Universities over the world. The school’s faculty members are well qualified and experienced with a wide range of quality legal publications and also associated with social justice legal education. The most advantageous fact is that the NMIMS student community is well diversity rich irrespective of any region, religion, sexual orientation etc. School of Law aspires to be a global centre of scholarly excellence in the field of law and justice and will prepare outstanding and innovative law professionals with a socially responsible outlook through holistic legal education. A Law School with a global focus and international outreach dedicated to advance human dignity, social and economic welfare, and justice through knowledge of the law.


About the Course

Growth is the desired result of any business organization and merger and acquisition (M & A) is the usual procedure adopted by the companies for expansion. That is why it is assumed that every company has inherent right to merge and the power need not necessarily spring from memorandum.

Companies quickly increase its size, service area, talent pool, customer base, and resources through M & A. The process is very costly, hence the businesses need to be sure about the processes and the pitfalls, if any. Hence people involved in the entire procedure of M&A should be aware of every facet of it. This course is to make aware about the various legal, accounting & tax implications involved in M&A along with human resource and public policy concepts.

Prerequisites: The students should have knowledge of basic accounting, economics, and financial management concepts and tools. 



The students would know about :

  • Internal & External Corporate restructuring; 
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, etc., 
  • Take Over code and commonly used takeover tactics and defenses; 
  • Various valuation techniques involved and their practical limitations; 
  • Tax benefits in various types of structuring 
  • Post-Merger Challenges, human resource and other risks, insurance schemes;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of alternative ways to exit businesses and
  • Joint ventures as alternatives to mergers and acquisitions.

COURSE DELIVERY: The programmerwould be conducted online.



Students would be evaluated as follows 

  • The Students will be provided a google form with 50 questions carrying 1 marks each and the students scoring more than 40% marks of 50 will be provided the certificate.
  • Registration commences: 16th March, 2022
  • Registration closes: 31st March 2022
  • Commencement of Classes: 2nd April, 2022
  • Registration Fees: Rs. 1000/-


Account Transfer

Account Number – 20238736986

Account Holder Name – Ashish Kumar

IFSC Code – SBIN0003114





Sr. No. Date of the Lecture. Timing

1. 2nd April 2022. 11 am to 1 Pm

2. 2nd April 2022. 2 Pm to 4 Pm

3. 9th April 2022. 11 am to 1 Pm

4. 9th April 2022.        2 Pm to 4 Pm

5. 16th April 2022. 11 am to 1 Pm

Contact Information




Assistant professor

School of Law, NMIMS Bengaluru




Convenor, CLSG, Co-Convenor, CLSG

School of Law, NMIMS, School of Law, NMIMS,

Bengaluru, Karnataka Bengaluru, Karnataka

8709898284 8518847962

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